What formats are available for TrueFire Courses?


TrueFire courses are available in a variety of formats and include PIP video of the picking hand, text commentary, practice rhythm tracks, tab, standard notation, and Guitar Pro files.

TrueFire 3: Desktop App - Download for Offline Access

You can download the course with TrueFire 3: Desktop App (Windows 7+ and Mac 10.10+). All the course videos plus any additional assets (text descriptions, charts, power tabs, and jam tracks).  


Software Disc + Download

You can choose to purchase a Software Disc version of the course (Windows, Mac, Linux). The course will be shipped to you on a DATA-DVD disc. Each Software Disc comes with TrueFire's Interactive Video Player, all the courses videos plus any additional assets (text descriptions, charts, power tabs and jam tracks), PLUS get a complimentary download of the course for backup purposes.

TrueFire courses are Windows, Mac & Linux compatible and play only through the included TrueFire Video Player. They do not play in standard DVD players. All orders are shipped via USPS and include a complimentary download of the course within the Desktop app. Additional charges are applied to international orders.

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Stream Online For All Access Students and Purchased Courses

All TrueFire courses are also available to be streamed on the web (in your web browser), TrueFire iOS app (Apple Store), TrueFire Android app (Google Play Store), and Apple TV app in their entirety with text, notation, power tab, practice rhythm tracks, zoom, looping, playlists and a variety of other handy controls.

As an All Access Student you can stream the video lessons and download any additional charts, guitar pro files, or jam tracks.

Free Students can watch their purchased courses and any free full-length samples of other courses by selecting the "Watch" or "Play" buttons on any course page.Melodic-Muse-Introduction-Andy-Timmons-Guitar-Lesson-TrueFire.png

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TrueFire Apps: iOS and Android

The TrueFire iOS and Android app is designed to serve our students as their mobile gateway to our entire course library on the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch. iOS access comes complimentary with any course purchase - Instant Download and/or Disc + Download.

Depending on your TrueFire student status and preference, video lessons can be downloaded to study offline or streamed over any WiFi connection.



Android App




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