How do I install Power Tab on a Windows PC?


**NOTE** We currently recommend all students install either Tux Guitar (free) or Guitar Pro (paid) to work with your tab files(PTB, GP5 or GPX). We no longer recommend installation of the Power Tab Software.

Learn more and install your tab software


 If you choose to work with Power Tab software, continue reading below....

TrueFire lessons produced prior to 2013 include Power Tab files which allow you to "see" and "hear" the tab played out. To use these files, you will need to install the Power Tab Editor on your Windows computer. We've included a Power Tab installer file (download) on all courses which feature Power Tab.

Installing Power Tab

1) Download and unzip Power Tab OR find the Power Tab folder inside your course software disc or downloaded files.

2) Click on the Power Tab Installer.exe to install


3) Run the program and follow the steps through the Power Tab Wizard to install


4) Once installed, you need to assign the .ptab files to this Power Tab program. There are a few steps here, but you'll only need to do this ONE time. 
(If you are using Windows XP scroll down for different screenshots)

Find a .ptab file from your course. You can locate a .ptab file by clicking the ptab button on a course video player and downloading the file OR you can go directly into the "data > chart" folder in your course to see all the available .ptab files.

Right-click on a .ptab file and select "properties"

Click "Change" to select which program the .ptab files open with be default. If you do not see the Power Tab Editor as a recommended program, click "browse" to search your program files.



NOTE! If you do not see the Power Tab Software in your Program Files, go up a level and look in the Program Files (x86) folder.


Once you've found the Power Tab folder, go into it until you find and select the "PTEditor.exe" file. Once selected, click "Apply" and "Ok" to assign all .ptb files to your Power Tab software.

5) Enjoy your course! From now on all .ptb files will automatically open in this Power Tab program.

Quick Tips About Power Tab Software

1 - Install the Power Tab Editor on your computer. Keep in mind that Power Tab plays the tablature and notation through your midi setup. Odds are good that it will work fine right after the install but you may have to tweak around with your midi setup until you hear the tab being played. Call your computer support folks if you need help in this area. 

2 - Double click on the Power Tab file that you want to work with and you'll see it load into Power Tab Editor. 

3 - Notice the player controls in the upper right hand corner of the upmost toolbar. Click on the play button and you should start to hear midi playback of the tab and see each tab notation highlight in red as its played - a "follow the bouncing ball" kind of thing. 

4 - To work with an example, click on the tab section that you would like to play (notice the blue marking) and then click the play button. Currently there is no looping feature but Version 2, which is due out very soon, will have many more useful playback features. Meanwhile, you will need to click stop and play manually as desired. 

5 - You may find it useful to slow down a section until you've got it nailed. To do this find the second button from the left on the bottom toolbar. It's marked with a quarter note and equal sign. Click on this button and use the drop down to slow down the beats per minute (BPM), then click OK and play the tab. We hope you'll find this tool as useful and educational as we do. Enjoy!

Windows XP Troubleshooting
When i try to open a Power Tab file i get this error message 

Choose the secondoptions Select the program from a list

Click the browse button and look for the folder called PT Software or Power Tab Software. Make sure Always use the selected program to open this kind of file is Checked. 

Double click on the folder, now you will see a folder called PTEditor 

Double click on the PT Editor folder

Now double click on the file PTEditor 

It will take you back to the screen above and Power Tab Editor will be highlighted. Click ok and you are set!

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