Associating Guitar Pro (.gp5) or Power Tab (.ptb) files to open with my Tab program


**NOTE** All courses launched after August 2013 will include Guitar Pro files in place of Power Tab. Learn more


Once you have successfully installed your power tab software you may need to associate Guitar Pro (.gp5) files or Power Tab (.ptb) files to open with your tab program.

Tab Files & Programs to Use

Guitar Pro Files (.gp5) use Tux Guitar or Guitar Pro (windows, mac & linux).

Associating Files from the TrueFire Course Player: Desktop App.

Open the Desktop app and click on Options > Storage Management. Locate a course with downloaded material and click "Manage." This will open the folder with all the downloaded files for this course. 



Locate a GP5 or PTB file. Right-Click and select Properties.

"Change" the "Opens With" option to be your desired Power Tab Software (Tux Guitar or Guitar Pro).

Associating Files on Macs

Go to the TrueFire course's folder > data folder > chart folder.

Control click on any .gp5 OR .ptb file.

Select 'get info'


Change it to open with your installed Tab Software: Tux Guitar Or Guitar Pro.


This will associate all Power Tab (.gpf) or  (.ptb) files to open with Tab Software going forward.


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