Using Tux Guitar to work with Guitar Pro (gp5) files


All courses launched after August 2013 will include Guitar Pro (.gp5) files in place of Power Tab (.ptb). We recommend that students use either Guitar Pro or Tux Guitar to work with those files. 

Both Guitar Pro and Tux Guitar are Windows and Mac compatible, are actively supported and both deliver excellent functionality and performance.  

Download Tux Guitar (Free)
>> Mac 10.7 and 10.8
Mac 10.5 and Lower

How to Install Tux Guitar (windows)

  1. Click this link (Windows) to begin the automatic download of Tux Guitar.
  2. Locate the file on your computer (most likely in your computers Download section) and double-click to start the installation process
  3. Step through the Tux Guitar Wizard to install
  4. Congrats - You've installed Tux Guitar!
    The Guitar Pro (.gp5) files should automatically assign to the Tux Guitar program. Meaning while working on your TrueFire course, the "tab" button should automatically launch the file in Tux Guitar. In some cases, the file will first download to your machine, but you can opt to have the file open automatically.

    If the files are not automatically assigned to Tux Guitar, you can edit the properties of the .gp5 files to always use Tux Guitar. Its a simple process, and only needs to happen one time. 
  5. Find the .gp5 files inside your course download. It will either be in the Guitar Pro folder OR in the data > chart folder.
    Right-click on the file and select "Properties". In your Properties window change the type of program this file "Opens with:" and assign it to Tux Guitar.


Installing Java

When you open your first tab file, you may be warned that you need to first install Java. Click on the link in the window to download the Java Program. 

During the installation, you do NOT need to install the Ask Toolbar. Simply uncheck those options and finish your installation. Once Java is installed your tab files will open in the Tux Guitar Program.

Tux Guitar Help Guides
For more information on how to use the Tux Guitar Program, please see the user guide section on the Tux Guitar website here.

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