How to "Record Video with WebCam"


Using your computer's webcam (not included with the classroom/workshop subscription) is the easiest and quickest way to send your video homework and messages to your Online Classroom and/or Workshop instructors.

How to Use

  1. Click the "Record Video with Webcam" button

    This option can be found anytime you choose to reply or add a comment, it can be in your Inbox, on the Activity Feed Wall or in your Lesson Plans.

    Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off - especially on a Mac - if there are any problems with this window it is usually the pop up blocker.

  2. In the Adobe Flash Player Settings confirm "Allow"

    Check the "Remember" box to prevent this window from appearing each time you record a new video.

  3. NOTE! Some browsers will make you also confirm to allow the use in the browser window as well. Be sure to look for all messaging on the page.

    For example: Chrome requires you to also click "Allow" at the top of the page.

  4. Click the red "Record" button to start recording your video.

    IMPORTANT! You can record MULTIPLE takes until you are happy with what you have recorded. Just click the "record" button to record over what you just did - and only click the "save" button when you have gotten the take you want to keep and send.

    At the bottom of the player you can click "hi" if you have a fast internet connection.  If you have a widescreen camera leave the “Aspect Ration” button unchecked, if you have a standard cam check this box to keep the video from getting stretched. If you have a Mac - you may want to try clicking the "Aspect ratio 4:3" button as many Macs do not have widescreen on the built in camera so you might experience "stretched" videos if you don't have this button checked.

    Click "Play" to preview the video OR "record" to re-record as needed.

  5. You can “Stop” the recording when you are finished, or hit “Pause” to pause to work on a part. When you are ready to continue recording, hit “Resume Recording” and add the next part. Once you are all finished, hit “Stop.

  6. After you hit “Stop” you have three options. Hit “Start Over” to erase everything you just recorded and start a new take, “Preview” to watch what you just recorded, or “Save” to save that video, upload it online and attach to your message.

  7. Last, click "Reply" or "Add Comment" to send the video attached and any additional text messages.

    Once you have sent your video you will see a little "Play Video" link where your video can be found, however, it could take several minutes for your video to get converted and be able to be seen there - so just check back later if it is still converting.

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