How to Navigate a Classroom


Once you've enrolled in your Online Classroom, navigate to the "My Classroom" page your account. You can do this by going under Private Lessons or from the main Dashboard (you must be logged in to access).

There are tons of great resources and communication tools inside your Classroom, so take a few minutes to learn the layout.

Navigating My Classroom

To view your video specific material and assets for your classroom, select the MY CLASSROOM name listed on the left side of your screen. 


Your INBOX, allows you to communicate with your Instructor and other Classroom students privately. You will be notified anytime you have a new messages awaiting you.
  NOTE! Be sure to read your Welcome Email in your INBOX and fill out your Student "Self-Assessment Form" to submit to your instructor to receive your customized lesson plan. (must be logged into your account to view)

wk_activityfeed.jpg Your ACTIVITY FEED, shows all ongoing activity happening inside your Classroom. Here you can see what other students are chattering about and post your own public comments, tips, questions and interact with others taking your same Classroom.
directory.jpg Your DIRECTORY, shows all other students enrolled in your same Classroom and allows you to send them a private message from your Inbox.
  The STUDENT UNION is only for all Classroom students and so everyone you run into here is studying online with an instructor. Share your own tips and feel free to post performances, participate in the jams, show off your gear and interact with your fellow students.
profile.jpg YOUR NAME, Location and Profile picture are attached to each comment made inside your Workshop. Be sure to add a profile picture for best results. Visit, My Account, to add your profile picture.
helpguide.jpg Your HELP GUIDE gives you how-to tips and tricks... hint, if you are reading this guide you have found the Help Guide.
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