Audio/Video Sync Issues


If you are having issues with your course audio and video not being in proper sync, in most cases it is because your computer is using proper memory to play the files.

Software disc
Copy all the contents off the disc and onto your computer desktop for optimal playback quality.

TrueFire Course Player: Desktop app
Download all course files within the Desktop app prior to watching the course to prevent audio/sync issues. To do so, click on Options > Storage Management and select the Download All icon.

Legacy Stand-alone zip Player (Outdated)
Adjust your flash settings by using the directions below.

  1. Open your Mac or Windows Video Player

  2. Right-Click (Windows) or Control-Click (Mac). Choose the "Settings" option in the menu.

    You can click anywhere on the main video player screen.

  3. From the Adobe Flash Player Settings, click the "Folder" tab

  4. Change the "Local Storage" slider all the way to the right to "Unlimited"

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