Legacy Stand-alone Player for Mac (zip)




To Download the Legacy Stand-Alone Course Player (zip)

Items are listed on your Dashboard > My Other Downloads page in chronological order.

Tip! Due to the size of the files (can be up to 1 GB), some courses are broken into multiple parts. For optimal speed, please only download ONE item at a time.

Click on the Download Now button next to the desired course.

NOTE! Mac users will need to adjust the security settings on their Mac to allow the downloaded files to work. Learn more here

Mac users simply click on the download link and SAVE the file or hold the control button and click the link until a pop-up window appears and then can save the files to their computer.

Locate zip folder on your computer

Most browsers will automatically choose the download location of your file. Unless otherwise prompted, most courses automatically download to your computers "Download" section. You can locate under your Finder or by "search".

Unzip the folder

The courses are downloaded into a zipped folder. You MUST unzip the file before access the content. Some browsers will automatically unzip the folder during the download process, if you find an opened folder with the name of your course the you are all set and can skip this step. 

To unzip a folder, simply double-click on the zipped folder to open.

If you are having issues unzipping your course, please read this help guide: Can't Unzip: Error 1 or Decompression Failed


Access Your Course Folder

Once unzipped, there will be a second folder with the same name. Go into the opened folder to access your course.


Launch the "Mac Video Player"

The folder comes with 3 separate Mac Video Players to accommodate the various Mac operating systems. If your Mac Video Player does not open, please try Alternate 1 or Alternate 2.

If you receive this message when trying to launch the Mac Video Player from a downloaded course:

"'Mac Video Player' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash"
OR you are getting the error message
 " ... can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" 

than you need to adjust the Security and Privacy Settings on your computer.


Use the TrueFire Course Player: Desktop app (Recommended!)

All that being said, we have a new installed player which we recommend all customers use in place of the legacy standalone zip folders.

The new TrueFire Course Player: Desktop app is a one-time installed program which allows you to access your entire course library of lessons from one centralized location. You can download on-demand or in bulk for full offline access.

You do not need to worry about downloading separate standalone course folders with separate video players.

You can learn more about the new TrueFire Course player and download at: www.truefire.com/apps

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