Working with the All Access Streaming Video Player


As an All Access Streaming student, you can view TrueFire's entire course library on the web or inside the TrueFire iOS app Android app or on Apple TV.

How to Use

NOTE! If the videos are not loading in your browser, please make sure you have Adobe Flash plugin installed. Also, if you have an plugins installed in your browser (i.e. Adblock, Disconnect, Ghostery, etc) be sure to allow as a safe website or disable the plugin which on the site and those plugins can prevent the videos from streaming.

Select a video lesson from the "All" tab in the Table on Contents.


Playlists give you the ability to save and organize your lessons into various easy to access and organize groups.

Mark As Favorite

Mark a specific lesson as Favorite at any time!

Track Your Progress

Mark lessons as Incomplete, In Progress or Complete to keep track of your progress within the course. Filter the lessons for easy access to only the lessons you want to work with.

Video Player Controls

Use the video player controls under the video screen to play, pause, rewind, fast-forward, volume controls, full-screen, loop a segment of the video, and change the bit-rate of the video (to adjust for slower internet connections).

Note: To work with the looping tools, first play the video. Select the start loop and the end loop. Then use the infinite loop tool to re-loop that segment of the video. When finished click the tools again to de-activate.

Assets - Chart, Tab, Jams 

Any asset available for a video lesson will be available under the video screen. The PDF is embedded on the screen (using the Adobe Reader Browser Plugin). The Jam Track is also embedded. Alternatively, you can click the "download" buttons to open in a new window or download to your computer.

Interactive Tab files require a third-party software to run the GP5 or PTB files. We recommend students using either Tux Guitar or Guitar Pro. Learn more and install here.

To save the file:

Windows: right-click and "save link as"
Mac: control-click and "save as"

Note: Not every video lesson comes with a chart, tab and/or jam track. If we have an asset available we will display it on the page. 


Download This Course

Optionally, if you find a course which you LOVE and wish to download to own the video files, you can choose to purchase using the "Add to Cart" buttons. You can apply any available TrueFire Cash and All Access Discounts to save on your order.


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