Using the Course Player: Desktop App (Windows & Mac)


The TrueFire Course Player: Desktop app allows you to instantly view and download (for offline access) all your purchased TrueFire courses from the same centralized location. 

Once you've installed the TrueFire Desktop App to your computer (Windows PC 7 or later or Mac OS 10.7 or later), open the application and "Log In" using your TrueFire username and password.

The main screen will display all your courses, which you have previously purchased as Instant Download, Software Disc (plus download) or on the iPad app.

Select a course to view and download its' videos...

View & Download On-Demand Videos

Click the lesson title on the left menu bar to play a specific video. The individual video file (and applicable assets) will download on-demand while the video is playing. 

Once a video is downloaded, you can work offline and sequential plays of that video lesson will use the files stored on your local computer.

Bulk Download Videos - Download All

You can bulk download an entire course under "Options" > "Storage Management" by selecting the "Download All" icon.

You can also [Change] the folder where the files are downloaded to on your computer. Learn more

Advanced Video Player Controls

The Desktop app is optimized with player controls such as auto-play (automatically play the next video on the list), play, pause, fast forward or rewind (5 second intervals), volume control, full-screen mode (for the video) and a metronome and tuner.

You can LOOP segments of the video and adjust the speed to SLOW or FAST to slow down or speed up the video (with audio)

To LOOP: while the video is playing, first select a start loop and then an end loop. Use the infinite loop icon to continually loop that section of the video. Click again to deactivate.

Tip! To work with the looping and slow motion together, first set the looping markers on the video and then select the speed.

Click JAM to play the audio jam track (when applicable). You will retain rewind, fast-forward and looping controls for the jam track. 

Text DESCRIPTION and CHART (PDF) will appear under the video screen.

You must have Adobe Reader DC installed to embed the CHART (PDF) tab/notation in the player view.

Any additional assets for a course will be displayed under the text description when applicable.

Use the two tab/notation icons to access the CHART (PDF) and interactive TAB (GP5 or PTB) files when available.

Use Tux Guitar or Guitar Pro to work with interactive TAB files.



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