Desktop App: FAQs, Improvements + Features Wish-list


Here are a few answers to the general questions we receive regarding this new Desktop app. Please note! Anything on this list is subject to change depending what our tech team is capable of updating and how soon.

See the current version and list of updates implemented here.

General FAQs

Accessing Previously Downloaded Courses
With this new Desktop app, you do need to re-download past courses purchases. Since the file structure is completely new, the app is not able to pull in previously downloaded courses. But, you'll only need to re-download once. We have internally updated a TON of courses with new files (flvs to mp4, ptb to gp5) and re-downloading ensures you have the most up-to-date version of the course.

On-Demand Download + Bulk Download of a Course
Video lessons (and their associated assets) are downloaded on-demand when you click to play that video lesson. Sequential video plays of that same title will work with the local files stored on your computer (not using internet connection). Optionally, you can go to Options > Storage Management to "Download All" and download all the course's lessons at one time. Learn more

Changing the Location of Downloaded Files
When downloaded (either on-demand or bulk), the files are automatically downloaded to a specific location on your computer. You can change where files are downloaded to. Go to Options > Storage Management, then select a new path/folder to where the files should be downloaded. You can copy files out of this folder for alternate use, but if you remove a file it will break the video lesson in the Desktop player (you can re-download later). The video lessons are designed to be accessed through the Desktop app and not individually. 

Embedded PDF - Charts (Adobe Reader)
The Desktop App is designed to embed the PDF charts inside the Desktop App (beneath the video screen). This does require you to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If your PDF files are popping open automatically (and not embedding) please install Adobe Reader and re-launch the Desktop app.

Slo-mo + Looping Tools
You can use the slow motion tools at the same time as the looping tools. The trick is to first Loop the video segment and then slow the video down. If you slow the video down first, you do not retain controls to loop.

All Access Students: Monthly Guitar Labs
When the player officially launches all the monthly Guitar Labs will be available in the new app moving forward PLUS you'll have access to any monthly launched in the last year (April 2014). 

Features Wish-List - To be included in future updates

Main Screen: Sorting, filtering, organizing
Currently the main "Courses" page displays your previously purchased courses. The initial order (upon log in) is most recently purchase at top, but once you play a course it will move that one course to the top of the list. You can "search" by course title or artist name. We will working on additional organization options down the road.

Embedding Tab Files (GP5/PTB) Inside the app
Currently the Desktop app will treat the tab files in the same way as before. You will need to install a third-party program (Tux Guitar or Guitar Pro) to manage. We are currently talking with various tech companies to help us create a program which can embed these files directly into the app. 

Recently Watched/Playlist/Bookmarks
We are working on a solution to allow for a playlist or to bookmark specific videos with the Desktop app. 

Fully Expandable (Horizontal) Interface
Currently the Desktop app will expand lengthwise, but it does not expand horizontally. We will work on a more fluid layout for future updates.

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