Install In the Jam (Windows 7+)


The TrueFire In the Jam application is Windows PC (7 or later) compatible.

First, install Adobe Air here:

Once installed all your purchased Jams will be available for download and view with the In The Jam application.

The In The Jam lessons are not compatible with the TrueFire iPad app, Desktop app nor are they available for streaming access online.

You only need to download and install the In the Jam application one time to your computer. After installation, all your past and future In the Jam purchases will be accessible.

1- Download In The Jam Installer Program (.exe)

From the website, Log In and go to Dashboard > My Jams or Apps to download the In The Jam app.

During the download of the In_The_Jam_Win.exe program, if you are being warned the file is suspicious or has been blocked by your anti-virus or firewall, please override and allow the program to download. We 100% Guarantee this installation is secure. If Norton is blocking the application, see how to allow the exe file to download.

Internet Explorer

First "Save" the In_The_Jam_Win.exe application and then "Run" to launch and start the installation process.


If you are warned that the file might be harm your computer, please "KEEP" the file. We guarantee the safety and security of this application.

Select "In_The_Jam_Win.exe" to launch and start the installation process.


First, "Save" the In_The_Jam_Win.exe application. View the downloads icon in the FireFox browser to select the application and then click to "Run" to launch and start the installation process.

2- Install the Course Player

Once the "In_The_Jam_Win.exe" file is downloaded follow the prompts to install the program on your computer.

3 - Launch and Log In

Open the Desktop app and LOG IN to work with your Jams!

Any future In The Jam purchase will immediately be accessible within the In the Jam app. After your successful purchase, simply open the In the Jam app from your computer and Log In to view/download and work with your Jam.

Note: If you are warned Network Service Not Available, review this additional help guide



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