How to download within the In the Jam app


All the lessons within the In The Jam app are available for download to your computer (Windows or Mac).

Launch the In the Jam app and Log In. If you have not yet installed the In The Jam app install now.

Simply click on your In the Jam course to automatically download all the lessons to your computer.

The time it takes to download the lesson is based on your personal internet connection. The better your internet speed, the faster the files will download.

By default the In The Jam app, will choose a default location where all your lessons will be downloaded. You can change the location to store at a different location on your computer of external hard drive. Learn more.

Player Controls


Hovering over the bottom part of the video screen will activate the player controls. 

Play/Pause - start and stops the video

Fast Forward/Rewind - in 5 second intervals

Eco Mode - adjusts to improve video quality based on computer process. Learn more

Looping - Loops the entire video track

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