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In The Jam Features

Jam with Top Pros!

In The JamThere's no better way to develop your improvisational skills than getting up on the bandstand and jamming with a solid rhythm section and top-notch players. In The Jam brings that bandstand and the worlds TOP players right to your practice room!



For All Instruments!

In The JamYou can mute, solo or adjust the volume of any track. Play guitar, bass, keys or drums? Mute those tracks and jump in. Whatever your instrument (even horns and vocals!), mix the jam anyway you want and play your heart out.



You Control the Mix!

In The JamIn addition to controlling all of the audio tracks, In The Jam also allows you to change which video is being displayed at any time so that you can focus on the instrument of your choice.


Artist Commentaries!

In The JamIn most editions, the featured artists provide narrative commentary, over the full length of the track, revealing how they've approached their parts in each of the jams and how they interact creatively with the other musicians.



Lead Sheets, Guitar Tab, & Notation!

In The JamEach multi-track video jam also includes a lead sheet chart showing the chord changes and general structure of the jam. Tab and standard notation is always provided for the guitar parts.


Practice smart, play hard — get In The Jam!


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