4 for $20 Bundle Sale (now thru 4/24/18)



Buy 4 Courses for $20!

Create your own bundle and rack up monster savings! Pick any 4 courses* from the awesome selections on the 4 for 20 page and pay only $20 for the entire  bundle — no typo — that’s just $5 each! 

How It Works

  1. Browse 150+ courses* available and add 4 to your bundle. truefire.com/420
  2. Your savings will be applied automatically.
  3. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  4. Complete a bundle, add to cart, and check out quickly.
  5. You can create and buy as many bundles and you’d like!
  6. This offer goes up in smoke on Tuesday, 4/24 at 3 PM ET.

The Fine Print

*Only the selected TrueFire courses which appear on the 4 for 20 page are eligible for the Bundle deal. Previously purchased courses will not appear for re-purchase so the specific number of available courses may vary per user.

4 for 20 sale is only available through the website at: truefire.com/420

You must add 4 available courses to the Bundle maker on the 4 for 20 page and use the "add to cart" button to generate the deal. Adding course(s) individually to the Cart from the unique ad pages will not work.

You can add multiple bundles to the cart. Each Bundle needs to be created in increments of 4
(1 bundle = 4 courses for $20, 2 bundles = 8 courses for $40, etc).

4 for 20 sale prices are not activated when making in-app purchases thru iTunes in the TrueFire iOS (iPhone/iPad) app.

Add Available Courses to the Bundle Maker



Complete a bundle, add to cart, and check out quickly


Check out before April 24 at 3 PM ET to lock in the deal!




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